At natnudO we make sure that quality is never compromised. We ensure that all our products are produced according to global best practices and therefore you can trust us to always provide you with quality household protein. At natnudO, there is a product for every household. You can decide to have our premium chicken, or have our ranched beef garnish your delicacies . Our Super Eggs are also very nutritious and a must have for a very healthy family.

natnudO Premium Chicken is a low fat, quality chicken with no preservatives. It is hygienically prepared under stringent global food processing conditions. natnudO Chicken has essential vitamins and minerals, which enhances the natural taste of Chicken and also provide extra nourishment to build, protect and revitalize your body.

natnudO Chicken is available in ready to cook and “Ready 2 Eat” packs.

Top grade heart friendly eggs with nutritious golden yellow yolk from birds specially fed with fortified ingredients. It is low in saturated fat with no trans-fat; contains extra Selenium, other minerals and vitamin E for general health and improved memory. It is available in different pack sizes of 6,12,15,20 and 30.

Ranched Beef is prepared from specially bred bulls, carefully selected for their tender and marbled meat quality. natnudO Ranched Beef is a top of the line meat that comes from bulls only.

natnudO Ranched Beef is available in Premium Cuts, Tender Cuts and Offal Cuts.

Specially bred for our customers with a taste for tougher meat. The natnudO native chicken is made from our dual-purpose noiler birds. Produced with no preservatives and packed in convenient cuts for easy preparation. The natnudO native chicken is available in sizeable parts and is the perfect addition to any meal