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We are seeking logistic firms and individuals in the logistics industry who are passionate about providing the finest animal protein delivery experience possible. With access to natnudO Foods premium products, brand recognition, and consumer insights, this is an excellent chance to create and grow a profitable logistics business system. Join our community of logistics partners to drive seamless delivery of quality along our value chain across Nigeria
Do you have a minimum of one 10 ton refrigerated truck, that can facilitate the movement of finished products from the abattoirs to depots and other key distribution spots across Nigeria? If you answered yes, then register and become our logistic partner. The Locations and routes of business operations are country-wide
If you are a logistics operator with the capacity to transport live birds in large quantities, and under conducive conditions from the farms to the abattoirs, then join us to discover how we can move your business forward.

Logistics companies or individual operators providing last-mile delivery services should possess the facility to operate seamless, small-scale (bicycles, vans, and motorbikes) or large-scale (refrigerated trucks) delivery operations. Our operations span across major cities in Nigeria.

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