natnuPreneur Seller

natnuPreneur Seller Scheme

We work tirelessly to ensure that your business develops successfully and sustainably. 

So join our dedicated community of distributors and retailers in getting our delicious and healthy products to every home across Nigeria. 

NatnuPreneur Seller scheme provides the starting point for individuals and existing businesses wishing to establish themselves in the animal protein business.

This initiative focuses on retailing and distribution of natnudO’s processed animal protein. 

The natnuPreneur Seller brand is innovative, customer-friendly, and has a self-sustaining distribution network exclusive for natnudO foods.

You are self-motivated, enthusiastic, and interested in becoming a retailer or distributor of animal protein products. You want to grow into a savvy business person and achieve long-term profitability.

That’s why we want to collaborate with you to deliver consumers the delicious, convenient, and sustainable protein products they crave.

A major concern of many Nigerians when it comes to buying poultry is trying to figure out whether the products are safe to eat. Unsafe poultry and beef products are linked to diseases like food poisoning, heart disease, and renal failure.

Smuggled chicken not only harms your health but also hurts Nigeria’s economy.

For these reasons, there is an urgent need to locally produce and distribute animal protein products, in the best safety conditions and high quality to every Nigerian household – A need NatnudO is filling.

Through this initiative, we partner with business-minded individuals who are interested in launching legitimate businesses and are committed to making a positive impact on society.

Our goal is to bring all outsourced services and income back to Nigeria and create jobs for the Nigerian masses. So far, natnudO Foods has hired over 1,000 natnuPreneur Sellers across the country, leading to the employment of over 4,000 Nigerians.

Our highly qualified team members bring their talents, passion, and business expertise to the table to assist our sellers in achieving business growth. Establish Your Business Conveniently: The scheme is carefully structured to make owning and running a business as simple as possible. View our carefully curated natnuPreneur seller categories to see which one best fits your needs.


Do you have a freezer and a retail space where you feel at ease? If you answered yes, you are one step closer to becoming a natnuPreneur retailer. Sellers in this category can begin on a small scale with as little as N50,000, straight from the comfort of their own homes.


As a sub-distributor, you handle a network of smaller customers and end-users on a medium scale. If you have four to six freezers and are seeking the most profitable way to use them, you could become one of our sub-distributors.


As a distributor, you serve as Hub, for stocking products in large quantities for distribution into smaller channels like.

For this category, you must have a large capacity for cold storage and the ability to redistribute, operating a standard ordering process.

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