About Us

Who We Are

We provide a full range of high-quality, tasty animal protein products to satisfy our growing market. Our products offer great value for money while strictly following global best practices for food processing.

We maintain a high level of organizational excellence in all aspects of our business, from production to distribution, until the products get to our esteemed consumers. Every product is carefully processed and packaged according to the highest global health standards. All our products are NAFDAC and SON certified.

natnudO Foods is growing to provide a diverse range of protein products for all our customers.

As a company, our vision is to have our quality protein product in every home with a drive to be the most efficient among the top three companies in the market for all our products, constantly striving to improve by relentlessly cutting waste to achieve profitable growth.

Where passion meets the ultimate customer satisfaction

At natnudO foods, we have maintained a culture of excellence since our inception. We provide complete customer satisfaction and have established an efficient work environment that fosters creativity, growth, and diversity.

 The natnudO way of life. 

We are entirely committed to delivering the best quality products, services, and value for money. Our offering exceeds our customers’ expectations.

We are actively improving our quality standards through programs and support that help each employee to do their job right the first time and every time.

We’re doing our part for local farmers and the environment.

We are committed to promoting a healthy living environment by providing high-quality animal protein produced under global best practices.

Our desire to deliver quality homegrown animal protein drives us to innovate our work – we handle these projects with great pleasure.

We lead the herd!

Our brand works towards closing the gap between the average Nigerian home when accessing premium protein products.

We are creating jobs for Nigerians by locally producing 100 percent of its goods.

Meet the Team

Teamwork makes natnudO work.

At natnudO , we work together to achieve our business objectives and our vision.

Our close-knit family is driven by the same goal – to deliver only the best quality products and services possible to our consumers.

The Business

natnudO Foods is a leading animal protein brand established in 2010. Our offerings encompass high quality and great tasting Chicken, Beef, Super Eggs, Catfish and Seafood. The brand strives to eliminate the gap between the average Nigerian home in accessing homemade protein products and also create jobs for Nigerians by locally producing 100 percent of its goods.

natnudO Foods Established
Natnupreneur Scheme Formed
Ready-to-Eat Range Launched
natnudO abattoir Expansion

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