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Are you are consumer of natnudO products?. If yes, you can find helpful answers to questions you might have about our products, purchases and payments and delivery practices.

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Our chicken is a low-fat, quality chicken with no preservatives. It is hygienically prepared under stringent global food processing conditions. natnudO Chicken has essential vitamins and minerals, which enhance the natural taste of Chicken and also provide extra nourishment to build, protect and revitalize your body.

Most natnudO chicken products are made from Broiler birds. Broilers are soft chicken and should not be steamed for a long time

Chicken is white meat because there is less useful in the muscle. We also drain the blood during slaughtering to prevent contamination.

We currently do not sell turkey. We sell chicken, beef, eggs, and seafood products. We will notify our customers when there are new additions to our product range.
Visit to see the wide variety of products we presently offer and also to place your orders

Liquid naturally comes from meat. The percentage of water in a cut can vary depending on the time of the year, type of meat, and type of muscle. natnudO foods never add any form of Liquid to our chicken.

Expiry varies across product ranges:
Fresh chicken (9 months)
R2E (6 months)
Beef (3 months)
Eggs (1 month)
Seafood (1 month)
We adhere strictly to FIFO ,br>practice.

In a bid to offer the various cuts of a chicken (keel, thigh, drumsticks, wings & breast) while still maintaining the stew pack size of 500g, birds weighing between 1kg - 1.2kg are used. For every stew pack you purchase, you get HALF of a whole chicken.

Our products are processed under stringent global processing conditions with No preservatives or chemicals.

natnudO ranched beef is packaged in 500g and 1kg for all products (excluding T-bone and Potter house steaks)

They are heart-friendly eggs with nutritious golden yellow yolk from birds specially fed with fortified ingredients. It is low in saturated fat with no trans-fat; contains extra Selenium, other minerals, and vitamin E for general health and improved memory.

It is available in different pack sizes of 6,12,15,20, and 30.

3 smoked chicken products:
smoked chicken wings
smoked chicken cut 8
smoked boneless chicken

Imagine a roasted chicken seasoned with hand-picked local spices, bathed in flavourful smoke, and slow-roasted to the point where it melts in your mouth. Our smoked chicken range is designed to make you experience local Nigerian spices and it is ready to eat.

We use natural herbs and spices only and no additives hence there is a slight variance in each spice batch. We have a standard range for our spice mix to keep the taste profile as consistent as possible.

Our seafood is harvested by our sister company “Seabless” in both nearshore and open ocean waters. Once seafood products are harvested, they are generally processed or packaged for distribution and sale to our valued customers.

Packaging style: Ziplocks & stickers
Sizes: 1kg & 2kg

You can purchase natnudO products online via our website or our mobile app (Lagos only). You can also make purchases in our physical stores in Magodo, Lekki, and Agege in Lagos. Have any challenges? Call our customer satisfaction centre on 07006000600/09058453476 or reach out to us on social media, and we will be happy to assist.

Yes, you can purchase natnudO products in stores located near you. Please check out to find one

You can make payments during the checkout process for online purchases made through the website and mobile app. You can also pay using bank transfers for purchases made through our other virtual channels. In our physical stores, we accept cash and POS payments.

We update available products regularly on our shopping platforms. You can check it out from time to time for updates. You can also join our waiting list, and we will notify you once it is available for purchase.

No, all payments must be made and verified before an order can be fulfilled.

We offer same day delivery for orders placed and confirmed before 3pm and next day delivery for orders after 3pm. You can also schedule for your delivery days ahead if you wish.

For weekends, we currently deliver only on Saturdays from 9am to 3pm

Delivery charges depend on the location and distance from the dispatch outlet.

Are you a seller interested in adding natnudO line of products to the products you offer for sale?. Do you need to know what options are avaialble to you to collaborate with us?. Do you want to know just how profitable selling natnudO products is?. Kindly check the questions below and be sure to reach out to us if you can’t find answers to your question on this page.

Whether as an experienced or new entrepreneur, you can enrol to be a natnuPreneur seller as a distributor, sub-distributor or retailer, please click (insert hyperlink) to learn more and register

The requirements needed for onboarding as a natnudO retailer are 

A space (not necessarily a shop)

A Freezer capable of holding 30kg-50kg minimum stock at a time

A generator that can power that freezer

And 40-50 thousand naira for your first purchase of natnudO products

If you have space (not necessarily a shop), a freezer, and a generating set, you can start selling with stock worth as low as N50,000 naira.

Business relationship/partnership


Account management for business growth

You can become a distributor is you own/have immediate capacity to setup the following

A 20ton minimum capacity cold room

A 20KVa generating set

Capacity to redistribute in area of coverage.

Minimum order of 5 tons monthly

Yes. We offer an opportunity for sellers to become distributors, sub-distributors, or retailers in cities across Nigeria. Please click here (insert hyperlink) to learn more and register

Our products are usually packed in 20kg and 10kg bags. However, we sell the products per KG based on the weight of the bag(s)

We pack our products in woven bags (similar to the rice sacks). This is to ensure the single unit packs within retain shape and get to the customer in the nest conditions

Yes, you can sell other products along with natnudO products as a reseller. However, being an exclusive natnuPreneur franchisee has additional perks like priority on product supply, better pricing, branding support from natnudO, listing on our website, and social media store locators, among others. Please click here (insert a hyperlink to natnuPreneur franchise overview) to learn more

You can either pick up your order from the closest depot to you once we notify you that it is ready, or we will deliver to you if it meets the minimum order requirement of 500kg (tentative threshold to be confirmed)

No, we do not sell live birds for consumption. Our chicken products have been processed and packed as ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat for our consumers.

Yes, we do. We process a variety of chicken parts such as laps, wings, fillet, gizzard and a range of others. Please click here (insert product range hyperlink) to view the various parts and all our range of products.

We have a ready-to-eat range of smoked chicken products. The smoked chicken wings, smoked boneless chicken and smoked whole chicken cut 8.

We roll out customer appreciation initiatives periodically. These initiatives usually cater to training, workshops, incentives and customer upscaling for our valued customers. Please check out our blog (insert hyperlink for news and details on past and ongoing appreciation initiatives.

You can make up to 10-14% gross ROI on every purchase/order cycle. With our effective business model, we project breaking even on investment between 9-20months depending on scale of investment.

You can order and make payment for products online via (insert hyperlink). You can also call our customer satisfaction centre on 07006000600/09058453476 for assistance.

We currently do not offer a credit facility on orders. All orders have to be paid for in full before fulfilment.

No, all payments have to be made and confirmed before supply

We cater to this with pricing segments which are based on volume per single order/purchase.

We do not hold stock for customers. We may supply in batches in situation of unavailability of requested SKUs or when there is ‘stock out’.

We carry out proper investigation to address every quality complaint. The findings will determine if there will be replacement or compensation and the process for it.

We operate a no-refund policy. On rare occasions, as a courtesy, we could raise a credit note in your account till a later date when you’re ready to make purchase (Sellers ONLY)

We deliver products Mondays - Saturdays.

We make delivery of products that meet the required minimum order volume of 500kg. Orders below the minimum are to be picked up at the nearest depot.

We work with third party logistics companies that charge a fee for product delivery. Do indicate if you want this service when our rep gets in contact with you for it to be arranged.

Pickup and delivery for products is within 24-72hours post payment confirmation. Our customer rep will be in touch with you regarding delivery/pickup status.

We are seeking logistic firms and individuals in the logistics industry who are passionate about providing the finest animal protein delivery experience possible. With access to natnudO Foods premium products, brand recognition, and consumer insights, this is an excellent chance to create and grow a profitable logistics business system. Join our community of logistics partners to drive seamless delivery of quality along our value chain across Nigeria

Have enough money to buy all of the necessary inputs and infrastructure to raise broilers from the day they are born to the age of six weeks.

natnuPreneur farmers receive training regularly, from pre-stocking to culling.

Prices vary, but well sell at 250 naira per chick all year round to farmers on natnuPreneur scheme

They are transported through third party logistics with an option of pick up

Crumbled or pelletized broiler ration

Our breed of birds are Isa Brown for Layers, Arbor Acre for broilers & White Cockerel

If not seen at the hatchery they can be salvaged by moving those identified with such close to the heat source to avoid loosing them.

Yes, female broiler birds lay eggs, although their laying frequency is less.

Birds require a well structure ventilated pen with correct dimension and direction

It varies for the first 5-7days depending on the season, but its starts from 35◦C from day one and it declines afterward

Intensive, passionate and utmost care to keep them well and healthy

More to avoid losing them as a result of mishandling

Get in touch with veterinary doctor or expert

Abnormal activities, faecal discharge, sneezing and inactive etc.

Strictly following feeding, medication and vaccination plan as shared by hatchery while taking cognisance

To check the rearing condition, feeding rate, feed type and consumption rate

We sell a mixed line of chicks that includes both genders

Thermometer, weighing scale, Solar lamp, etc

It depends flock as 2 staff are advisable for 2,000 birds

We sell a mixed line of chicks that includes both genders

30ft breadth by 80ft length on an Eastwest direction

You may decide to totally evacuate or bury as the case may be

Following feeding, medication, vaccination and other technical advice

This will be shown by 2-3weeks with their comb

No, It is not advisable to keep broiler birds with other breed of birds because they need more care than other breeds

Woodshavings not sawdust is preferable

Lasota and Gumboro to be done twice and in some cases coccidiosis vaccine

Not at all

It varies, but for the time being, an average of $1,380 – $1,420 will be spent per bird on production, including all costs.


Anywhere so far a transfer can be made

Via crediting firms account

Payment on delivery is not an option. This option allows you to demonstrate your dedication and readiness.

It is possible only if quantity purchase is above 20,000 or the farmer wish to arrange for him/her

Charging for delivery is based on volume of purchase

Birds are delivered within 24 hours after payment

Yes, if agreed and aligned with BBP

Mature table size broiler

Yes, if it meets up with our standard and requirement after certification

We process payments within 5working days

Yes, if convincingly good to stock

Do you have enquiries about any of our services?. Do you want to give feedbacks about our products & services?. Do you want to make a complaint about our products or services?. You can learn how to reach us below and be sure that you will be attended to quickly and appropriately.

We offer various channels to make enquiries via our various platforms

  1. Fill the enquiry form on our website (insert hyperlink)
  2. Use the live chat feature on our website (insert hyperlink)
  3. Speak with a member of our customer satisfaction team by calling 07006000600/09058453476
  4. Reach out to use via DM on social media

We respond to all enquiries within 0 – 1 hours after receipt and resolve/share updates with our customers within 24 hours