Our Process

Our Production


The main objective of natnudO foods is to produce high quality poultry products. Our processes have been drawn to ensure this objective is met.

Our Broilers

The journey to producing good quality chicken starts with our premium day old chicks which are got from eggs hatched under stringent bio security conditions to avoid contamination. The chicks are then transported and reared in highly hygienic environmental controlled houses that are free from bacterial contamination.

In this system of housing, temperature, humidity and ventilation are maintained at desirable levels with the help of fans, cooling pads and electronic controllers. This ensures that the birds get fresh air and are comfortable at all times.

Our Feeding Process

NatnudO is a food processing company that was incorporated in 2010. We are dedicated to providing our customers with high quality food products that will provide great health benefits for the whole family as well as great value for money We ensure we maintain a high level of organizational excellence in all aspects of our business from production right through distribution until the products get to our customers. We presently have two main products in the market.

NatnudO premium low fat chicken and natnudO supereggs We will continue to improve on our offerings through continuous research and subscribing to best practices in the food processing industry We plan to introduce new products lines that will delight our customers and meet their needs for healthy food products.

Our Feeding Process

In processing our chicken, precise steps are taken, to prevent contamination and to ensure high quality chicken without skin blemishes. When the birds have reached their maturity, a special blue light is used to catch them. This keeps the birds calm and avoid stress. The birds are then crated and transported to the poultry processing plants, where they are kept in holding areas that are ventilated and misted. Live Chicken then goes through stunning, killing, bleeding, and scalding before being moved to scalding tanks, where hot water loosens feathers for picking. The temperature of the water is regulated to prevent cooking the bird and the water is changed frequently to avoid contamination. After scalding, the poultry is kept moist so the skin does not begin to darken.

Plucking of the feathers is done by machine. The birds are placed into rotating drums outfitted with rubber-like fingers that remove feathers through abrasion. The birds then go through gutting where a specially designed machine is used to remove the head and feet. A quality inspector is always on hand to examine the birds before they go for evisceration. After washing, the poultry carcasses are then quickly chilled by blasts of cold air directly into the bird’s cavity. The final step in poultry processing is the packaging, where birds are weighed, wrapped and labelled. Birds of similar sizes are then put in clearly labelled sacks and stored in the cold room.

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